Sense 2000 pressure transmitter
  Sense 2030 ultrasonic level transmitter-1
  Sense 2100 submersible level transmitter
  Sense WFD Series electromagnetic flowmeter
  Magnetic Float Level Indicator and By-Pass...
  Sense2060 RF level transmitter
  Display and control
  Drinking water treatment

  Shenyang yinuo science  Technology co.,ltd is an integrated companies with research, production and engineering. We believe "Quality First, the user first"
  The Company consists of three departments, the Ministry of Production, Department of Engineering,and agent office. The main production include the temperature, pressure, differential pressu...

Sense 2000 pressure transmitter
Sense 2030 ultrasonic level transmitter
Sense 2100 submersible level transmitter
Sense WFD Series electromagnetic flowmeter
Magnetic Float Level Indicator and By-Pass Level Indicator
Sense2060 RF level transmitter

Shenyang yinuo science & technology co.,ltd.  the main productions includes SENSE series Hydrostatic Level Meter, capacitive Level Meter, Float Level Meter, ultrasonic level meter, pressure transmitter, electromagnetic flowmeters.It is reliable quality.And it's price is competitive advantage!
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